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Mowing tip

In milder parts of the country where temperatures are now regularly over 5˚C (41˚F) during the day, and where the ground is not waterlogged, mowing can begin. Adjust mower blades to the highest setting to prevent ‘shocking' the grass on its first cut of the season. After the first cut, mow once a week (depending on weather), gradually lowering blades until the desired level is met.

Plant of the Week: Herbs

Plant of the Week: Herbs

A generous supply of fresh herbs from the kitchen garden is, if anything, even more satisfying than vegetables. Often low-maintenance perennials, herbs are unstintingly prolific, providing as much as you can pick throughout the season to lend their spicy scents to your food. 

Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage and marjoram need a hot, dry spot, but there are plenty of other herbs like parsley, mint and fennel which grow anywhere so don't worry if your garden isn't a sun trap. Sow generous containers of annual herbs, too, such as coriander, basil and parsley for aromatic greenery to use in salads and flavourings all year round.