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Grow winter peashoots

Scatter peas onto a shallow layer of compost in a seed tray and pop onto a bright windowsill for a super-early crop of fresh pea shoots to snip as a delicious home-grown ingredient for salads. Any pea variety will do but for quick results try 'Marvel' or 'Tom Thumb'.

Plant of the Week: Winter stems

Plant of the Week: Winter stems

There's nothing like a splash of colour to lift the spirits during the darkest, gloomiest months. Among the most cheerful are plants whose young stems have bark in yellow, lime green, orange and scarlet: plant them where low winter sun can catch their warm colours and they seem almost to glow from the border.

The red-stemmed dogwood Cornus alba 'Sibirica' has scarlet young growth, while Salix alba var. vitellina is a willow with stems the colour of bonfires. The powdery white stems of the bramble Rubus cockburnianus give a ghostly effect; and look out for trees with attractive bark, including snakebark maple (Acer capillipes) and shining coppery Prunus serrula.